Vielight Red Light - Brain Therapy

At Connected Spine we are now offering the Vielight Red Light therapy. This revolutionary technology is on the cutting edge of brain health. This video highlights the benefits and testimonials for Concussions, TBI's, strokes, Gulf War syndrome and PTSD. If you go to the website there is exciting research showing remarkable benefits for Alzheimers and current studies are being conducted to see the benefits for recovering from Covid-19. This video is 8 minutes. The website is very easy to navigate and shows you the different settings for achieving cognitive and memory benefits as well as achieving meditative states.

This therapy stimulate regeneration of tissue, ATP production, hormone regulation and encourages the lymphatic system to clean the plaque-ing on the brain to stave off disease. After my last concussion I was guided to get this technology and after 10 weeks of consistent usage I am living and breathing the results. I am hopeful, grateful and excited about far reaching possibilities.