Foot Detox

At Connected Spine we have the Platinum Energy Systems foot detox program. As we age decades of toxicity accumulates in our tissues leading to disease and dysfunction. Our buckets get filled up; Our systems get clogged. The lymphatic system is the garbage men of the body and when this system can't do its job we get sick. Their are benefits for children, for LYMES, for allergies, mold toxicity, metal toxicity, emf sensitivity, brain, bowel and lung dysfunctions.

Everything we are doing at Connected Spine is meant to clear and heal your bodies systems to allow optimal functioning. All of it leads to more health, joy, creativity, and LOVE.  The jump start at 2x per week allowed my systems to clear out decades of stagnation and toxicity. Since then I use it to clear out lactic acid after intense workouts; To help my system process foods and beverages that tend to inflame me. If I feel stuffy or puffy, tired or inflamed I pull this technology out and drink a big glass of lemon water while my feet are in the bath. Results are immediate and relief is sweet. Sometimes we all need some help!

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