What do you do at Connected Spine?

Network Care or reorganizational healing, the foundation for our services offered at Connected Spine, is a profound, whole-body approach to wellness that connects you to your ability to heal using both Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).  

What are your business hours?

Our Business hours can vary. Please sign up at the bottom of this page to receive an email at the beginning of each week with our hours or check our calendar.

Where does Network Care come from?

Network Care was developed in the early 1990’s by Dr. Donald Epstein D.C. to help people resolve tension patterns which occur when the spinal cord is over-stretched because of physical injury or mental or emotional stress.

Do you move bones?  Will you crack or pop my neck?

Network Care does not typically include moving bones. Why? Cracking and popping is segmental approach to healing, and Network Care is holistic. NSA uses light touch to the anchors of the spinal cord which encourages your nervous system to shift in tone and release tension being stored in the body.

What is an entrainment?

During an entrainment or NSA session, we evaluate your spine and nervous system to see where your body is holding spinal cord tension checking for the presence of one of five different patterns. Then, instead of twisting, cracking or popping your spine, we use precise touch to specific areas near the ends of your spine with just a few ounces of pressure to create what’s called “spinal entrainment”, a spontaneous wave-movement that travels through your body changing the frequency of the phase and releasing the tension.

How long does it take to see benefits?

There are three levels of Network Care. During each you will experience different sets of benefits. Network Doctors report that symptoms start resolving within the first 8 visits. It takes another 16-24 visits for your physiology to be retrained to hold the newly established functional patterns which is why we recommend everyone start with the level one care plan of 24 visits. Because the benefits of Network Care build on each other, your results may vary depending on your baseline, commitment to care, and lifestyle.

In level one of Network Care, you will begin to develop awareness about yourself through your breath, energy and movement. We work to re-establishing integrity in your nervous system and developing continuity in how your brain and body communicate.

Level two of Network Care, you become an active participant in your healing. We build on your new level of awareness and help you see and acknowledge patterns in your body and in your life developing acceptance of all of your parts. With greater connection come positive sustainable shifts in your life. You will notice changes in your body, the range of emotions you can experience and the quality of your thoughts.

In the third level of Network Care you have established a strong platform or baseline and the life you are leading now is vastly different than the life you were leading before Network Care. You will noticing changes in the quality of your relationships, how you perceive yourself and others. You may have adapted healthy lifestyle changes and replaced poor coping strategies. You may start developing or further your spiritual path. Your body is strong and flexible, your range of emotions is wide and varied and the quality of your thoughts are uplifting and exciting.

Do I need an initial consultation?

The initial consultation is Dr. Suzanne’s chance to get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve with Network Care. It is a vital piece to starting care.

Can I drop in if I’m visiting New York?

Yes! If you are currently under Network Care, please do drop in. Give us a call, drop us an email. Just remember to check our posted office hours.

What if I’ve been under care at another practice?

If you have previous Network Care and are looking to purchase a care package at Connected Spine, we recommend starting with a private session before moving to group entrainments.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Initial consultations are scheduled outside of the regular business hours listed on the online calendar. Please contact the Connected Spine office via email or phone to schedule your appointment.  

Initial consultations typically take 60 minutes. Before your appointment, please fill out your Health History Questionnaire and send it to us at least one day prior to your first appointment, so that Dr. Suzanne has time to review your questionnaire. (You can get questionnaire here.)

Your first session is designed so that Dr. Suzanne can get to know you and your goals for becoming a practice member at Connected Spine. After a consultation discussing your concerns and question, Dr. Suzanne will assess your spine using a Subluxation Station and you will receive an exploratory Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) entrainment and a Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) session. In this session, you can see how your body responds to Network Care.

Your initial consultation fee includes a follow up entrainment session with a doctor’s report of findings. We recommend scheduling your follow up session within 48-72 hours of your first visit.

Will I be in a private or group session?

Your initial consultation and follow up are one on one, or private, sessions. A standard care package includes group setting entrainment sessions beyond your second visit. The group setting allows you benefit of giving your system the time to relax and to integrate the work effectively while keeping the entrainment service as affordable as possible. In the group room, Dr. Suzanne may be working with up to 4 people at one time.

If you prefer private sessions, packages of private sessions are available.

What’s the advantage of a private session?

Private sessions provided space for one on one conversation that is not available during group sessions.  We recommend scheduling a private:

Every 6-12 visits to check in and review progress of care

  • If you have been away from consistent care for more than 2 months
  • If you have sustained an acute injury
  • If you have had a shift in personal relationships, work, or relationship with self
  • If you or a family member is in distress
  • Or just because because because because because…because of the wonderful things it does…

Can I bring my child?

Yes. As with all first time visits, we recommend to start with a private session. Please contact our front desk to schedule an appointment. See the pediatrics section under the services tab for more information.

Can Network Care help me with …?

Often new practice members are drawn to Connected Spine because they have an ailment that is bothering them. The Network Care has been shown to help people with conditions ranging from back pain to post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and infertility, and studies have validated Network Care as a way to predictably enhance wellness and quality of life across the board.

How can I get the most out of Network Care?

The people that succeed in this office leap into their care. They come 2-4 times a week for the first 12 weeks of care. One season of your life to unwind years of stress in your systems, re-establish a baseline, “raise the bar” and show up as the best version of yourself in health and in life. It is exciting and awe inspiring to watch people engage in their life and unleash their authentic selves.

What can I do at home to aid in my healing?

In level one of care I typically encourage people to not DO anything, but rather BE. Just be.  As we are establishing new pathways in your systems you are free to observe and become more aware.  

We do encourage you to purchase and read The 12 Stages of Healing, available at the office,  as a guide on your healing path. This book provides 12 breath and movement exercises (SRI) that can be practices daily at home in just a few minutes.