What Our Patients Are Saying About Dr. Suzanne

“I consider myself extremely blessed to be in her care and highly recommend Connected Spine to those looking for ‘outside the box’ treatment for where Western Medicine falls short.”

—  C.O. (Manhattan)

“I have been coming to see Suzanne for the past several months and have found her skill and care to be so powerful and helpful for me as I work on my body, mind and spirit. She is thoughtful and brought my attention to areas of my being that were in need. My spinal pain and tightness have subsided and I continue to feel better as I work with her. I highly recommend giving Connected Spine a visit, but leave a table for me!”

— Dimitri S. (New York City)

“I live in Vero beach and for many months was coming up 2x a month to see Dr Suzanne.  My sister, niece and myself made a trip out of it and we all felt tremendous results physically and emotionally. And, it was always fun!  That being said, I am a caregiver which as many of you know is a 24/7 job that can consume you on so many levels. Months went by and my energy and mental health declined. I was about to give up and ask my doctor for some “happy pills” when I remembered “ I can just go see Dr. Suzanne. One visit back and I remembered. I am so grateful to have this amazing local resource. It is surprising all the bases she can cover and ways she can support you.  For my sister it’s relief from physical pain.  For me it’s relief from accumulated stress that affects my ability to cope and provide loving care for my husband.  Thank you. I won’t disappear again.

— Christina H. (Vero Beach)

“I’ve worked with several NSA specialists over the past 12 years, and Suzanne is as talented as they get: a compassionate, patient, healing presence.  With her help and support, I’ve gone from being stuck in chronic physical pain and emotional trauma to feeling strong, happy, peaceful, and ready to thrive.”

—  James K. (Manhattan)

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Suzanne McBride. She has helped me immensely with chronic pain and restricted movement I had been having. I really feel like she cares about me and I always feel like I’m in caring hands.”

— S.K. (Brooklyn)

“I’ve had traditional chiro before, but network spinal analysis is definitely much much more beneficial for me! I can literally feel the energy flowing through my spine after a treatment. Dr. Suzanne is a gifted and caring practitioner, and I recommend her highly.”

— Carol P.

“I have been with Suzanne’s Network spinal analysis (NSA) chiropractic office for almost 10 years, in person and now b/c of COVID19, in virtual sessions and I LOOOVE her work and what it does to my body. I had strong lower back pain before I started working with her which has disappeared and after every session (even the virtual ones!), I have more energy, I have released a lot of tension and my posture is much better. Her healing hands and her caring nature have helped me through lots of things during the last 10 years, from health issues to trying to conceive, then pregnancy and post-partum and now a pandemic and I cannot recommend her strongly enough.”

— Maryam M