modern “spa day”-High Vibe Healing- pamper yourself and leave revitalized from the inside out.

INCREDIBLE SAVINGS and SUPER SPECIAL BUNDLES designed to support and nourish YOU.

Revitalize ME- Saturday
Sept 17th (9am-1pm)

  • Group Meditation
  • Network entrainment with Dr Suzanne
  • Red light Alpha brain wave therapy
  • 20 minutes on the bio mat or the PEMF mat with a meditation 
  • 30 minute Lymphatic Foot Detox OR Symphony of the Cells essential oil session. 
  • Investment $150
  • Investment $180 to receive both the foot detox and the essential oil session
  • space is limited. 

Please sign up by September 10th so we can organize the flow. Timing is 9am-1pm… in order to organize all the services we may stagger timing a bit!  


Please take a look at our website to look more into these offerings and why Dr Suzanne has chosen them specifically to create more wellness for her community. Where your attention goes your energy flows. Pay attention to your body-mind-soul health and create a wealth of it. 

Ever hear the phrase “I take my power back”? It means taking your attention off of the external world and placing on yourself. That is how…

Together we can change the world. 


Sept 17th (9am - 1pm)
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