SRI- Somato Respiratory Integration – SRI is a sister technology to NS. The doctor will introduce you to, and teach you how to utilize SRI during your table session. There will also be workshops at the office where you can come and explore the technology at a greater depth. We highly recommend you take advantage of these workshops and this is an awesome opportunity to bring friends and family and introduce them to this beautiful, powerful body rockin work.  

People are often eager to participate in their care and want to know “what can I do at home”  this is what you can do at home. There are 2 books that can help you.  The 12 stages of healing is the basic text to start with, it is easy to digest and will help you comprehend this paradigm of healing. For those interested in delving deeper into the work, there is a Somato Respiratory Integration workbook. This text goes deeper, has more data and wisdom for people that light up from engaging in reorganizational healing and living. It is my jam for sure. The books are written by the creator of Network Dr Donald Epstein.