November 20th
on the beach ya’ll!!!

(Space is limited to 12 participants.)

We will start this sacred day of high vibrational community on the beach at the Pelican Beach park. We will have an opening sharing circle, followed by a 1 hour walking meditation on the beach. Everyone will receive a Network Entrainment with Dr Suzanne under a sweet tent. Engage in this type of healing out in nature has proven to be next- level & extraordinary. Reach new levels of Awaken by the ocean. At this point we will migrate back to Dr Suzanne’s for a dip in the pool, community and lunchtime break. We re-engage with a group meditation, a 2nd entrainment session with Dr Suzanne. All participants are welcome to read, lie on mats, commune with new friends and or try the red light brain therapy.

Last years event was extraordinary, the community and love we shared was massively healing and incredibly FUN.

You will walk/float away:

  • in awe of the kindness of humanity

  • knowing a new level of energy that YOU can generate and sustain

  • Feeling focused and passionate

  • Re connected to nature, and your creativity

Early Bird Registration goes until November 5th with an investment of $250 November 6-18 registration investment $275

  • If we have a high level of interest I will call in another Network Doctor and we will expand and play and grow some more!! So please register early and come on Ya’ll lets beam LOVE and LIGHT over our amazing town. #togetherwecanchangetheworld

Register Today!
(Space is limited to 12 participants.)

Sunday Nov 20th