Coincidences/Incidences That Cooperatively Combine (Stage 6 Energy)

For those of you who do not have Donald Epstein’s book THE 12 STAGES OF HEALING, I encourage you to purchase it.  When working with the stages of healing, we want to get into the rhythm of each stage in order to receive wisdom from each.  You may not like the stage you are in, but ya gotta be in it!!!  You have to feel to heal. 

I bring up stage 6 right now because we are in the season of New Year resolutions. Most people try to make these resolutions from the energy of stage 2, and this rarely works long term.  In order to create sustainable life changes you need to be in stage 6 and 7.  Go ahead and mull this over.  Read the chapters, or the summaries I included below and see what you come up with.  We can have a mind blowing – illuminating conversation about this at the office!!  What is it about stage 2 that could create temporary but not sustainable changes? What is it about stage 6 and 7 that have what it takes to get you to the awakened side of life?

I will see you on the tables.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, energy rich and love filled 2020 for us all!

Dr. Suzanne 

Mini Summaries of Stages 2, 6, and 7 

STAGE 2: POLARITIES AND RHYTHMS – This stage begins with the search for the MAGIC GENIE who can, or has been identified as the savior from our distress, pain, or crisis.  We project from our alienated, isolated, traumatized, hurt, shamed or ignored aspects of our being.  These parts try to gain power over our helplessness through external authorities, procedures, treatments, etc.  Eventually, as we heal, we discover that what we blamed or projected as being so wrong, (the cause, as we see it), is not so bad. Or we see that our Genie is not so magical.  We begin to become aware of our rhythms and polarities, and discover we are somehow involved in the process and we are partially responsible for our distress.

STAGE 6: PREPARATION FOR DISCHARGE – Here we are building momentum and flexibility.  The alienated, traumatized, denied or redirected consciousness or energy is being prepared for discharge and resolution.  We feel the tension building within ourselves as this process advances.  We find ways to create change and improve flexibility to continue the process.

STAGE 7: RESOLUTION – Through discharge – Discharge of electrical energy is associated with a discharge of mechanical energy.  This may be discharge of the muscular system, such as movement of the trunk or extremities.  Processes such as fever, coughing, sneezing, or vomiting are common forms of discharge.  Crying, screaming, and laughing are also discharge phenomena.  When the discharge occurs after the previous 6 stages, resolution can occur with the discharge.  If a sense of accomplishment, peace, and inner strength does not  accompany the process, then the resolution stage has not been achieved.Share



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