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My primary focus in the office is helping you to become more wave (energy) and less particle (matter). Helping you to unbind patterns in your mind and body, that if left solid turn into disease and dysfunction. We are energy and energy turns into matter. When you are on the network table, you lighten up and remember; you start to breathe and move; feel and heal; you become less solid creating a wave motion within your body. During this phenomena, you release energy and become more energized, allowing you to feel better and get better.

This gorgeous body of work is the wave of the future. It is cutting edge neuro-science and quantum energy physics. We are blessed to embody the wisdom of network that comes with consistent care. Over weeks, months, and years we continue to evolve. My deep and passionate commitment to network care means that I do not take time to do nutrition with you in my office. However, nutrition is a vital piece of the puzzle for modern vital living.

Modern vital living can be difficult to achieve as our bodies become more dense due to interference, which comes from toxins, thoughts, and traumas. Supplements and cleanses play a huge part in staying healthy with the bombardment of environmental and food toxins and radiation that we are immersed in daily.

In order to support you in your journey to modern vital living, I asked a nutritionist for help (stage 1 wisdom) to set up some nutritional guidelines for you as a resource. I invite you to print this calendar and use it as a map through the seasons. I personally love being given structure when it comes to nutrition.

As a patient of mine, you can open up an account with Standard Process using my code which can be found on the calendar. Please feel free to email me any questions.

Download the nutritional calendar here.



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