Please sit back and give your full attention to the above video. The video starts by explaining that Hugh Jackman is going to a full cast rehearsal for The Greatest showman and his doctors have told him NOT to sing.

Well, sometimes soul energy comes through you and you must be the vessel and SHINE. When you are beyond the ego or thinking mind and you are fueling life from SOUL everything is different. The thoughts stop- the need to figure stuff out stops- the emotional turmoil stops, the EFFORTing stops and the body is at ease. Hugh masters this and the result is magical. Watch his energy build until he just has to go for it. Observe his body in a perfect state of ease. Notice his arms expand outward and upward. Witness the joy on his face and the emotion moving through his body. He generates the energy to shift the room. He elevates his emotions and his thoughts – he surrenders to the divine and he changes the quantum field in the room. He effortlessly takes everyone with him. He spreads joy to adults, like Santa does for kids!

If you haven’t already, this is a great place to stop reading and watch the video.

We Can Be Like Hugh

Hugh spends a lot of time taking care of himself. I would say he has a highly attuned vessel. In the office you hear me talk about your subtle bodies. Hugh here has a healthy body (bio field), emotional body, mental body, soul body, AND connection to the universal intelligence or quantum field. This is what sets him apart and above. You can be like him- we all can!! The time of the guru is over- we all have access to greatness and the tools to get us there.

When you are sad and mad, resentful, irritable, and/or depressed, you are taking energy from the quantum field- you suck the life out of the room. However, when you have joined the 5% of the population that says I am responsible for how I show up in this world, when you get entrained and master your body and your mind, when you show up and generate love, appreciation, awe, and wonderment, you are GIVING to the quantum field. You are creating the world we live in. By paying attention to and nurturing your inner world, you effect the outer world and we need you to level up!

You Can Take Charge of Your Destiny

We are living in a time of massive uncertainty. Trusting outside sources like the news, governments and doctors is no longer the norm – we must question everything, we must take personal responsibility and create a new reality.

YOU are in charge of your destiny. The life you are living is your personality or better said, personal reality. What will you broadcast into the field today? What thoughts, and emotions will you have today? What actions will you take today in order to create a different future- a future that is different from your past?

I want to help! Network Spinal is leading edge technology that organizes your bodies systems or brings coherency to your being, putting you in an elevated state of health. When you’re in this elevated state, you find yourself in the driver’s seat for creating your life. It is a no-brainer.

The modern world we live is very assaultive. Our nervous system is fighting modern “bugs and virus'” in the form of GMO’s, radiation, and screen time. These 3 alone are assaulting and altering our nervous system, hormones, digestion and sleep cycle.

Chiropractic care removes interference from the spine so the body can function optimally. Chiropractic is a vital part of modern living- network care specifically being on the leading edge of energy and neuroscience. Clear your field and bring your best self to the table.

Come feel better and BE better. Say NO to being part of a numb culture and yes to joining the evolution.Share



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