Not only do we “sometimes all need help” but very often we disconnect and forget we need help. From what I am seeing in my office and hearing about on zoom calls; Work from home desks, and even longer hours at a computer, are reeking havoc on people’s systems. The shape, tension and tone of your spine has a cascading effect on all of your systems. The most obvious being the musculoskeletal system; However our magical wise body organizes the interaction of all of our systems. Did you know there is a cardio-ocular reflex? An ocular-ovary reflex? Both effected by your posture. Did you know that your posture can dictate release of hormones and literally stress you out? Did you know that it goes far beyond just trying to sit up straighter. The brain and spinal cord go into defensive patterns that the network entrainment can help rewire and reset. We have been living lives of exhaustion and overwhelm and that is evident with our bodies. Sometimes our bodies need help.

The lungs are the last thing to develop in-utero. When the lungs are fully developed they send a message to mamma saying- lets get this party started. With planned C sections, and other reasons for early births, many people in our current population have been born before they were cooked. With the underdevelopment of our lungs the rhythms of breath can be altered triggering survival and stress responses.

Network effects the biological development and connections of our body. Getting babies, kids and adults entrained strengthen and rewire connections that help the interconnectedness and wellbeing of us all! Honoring the wisdom of the body and the importance of communication; Connection is the path to vitality and wellness.

Just like what is going on in society today- the illusion of control is gone. The big ask right now is for surrendering and stepping into the unknown. Embracing that we have little idea of what is really going on with our bodies, is actually very empowering. Looking to connect, unwind, return to natural states and healing, is the wave of the future. Get connected from the inside out and empower yourself and your family today.

– Dr Suzanne



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