Hello beautiful stars!

Continuing the theme from the previous blog post, I am including this glorious clip from The Greatest Showman. In this clip a talented, but insecure and unknown woman claims her greatness. She harnesses her story through emotion and claims her soul. The result of her surrendering has touched and moved millions of people around the world. There were well known Hollywood stars lining up to headline this role in this movie, but her unshakable step into the unknown- her letting her genius flow through- landed her the role as leading lady!

This 5 minutes captured on tape is what dreams are made of. How can you share your gifts with the world? What cross do you bear? What sword are you holding onto? If you laid the sword down, stopped fighting for your limitations, and let go, how would you make this world a better place? The world deserves more from you.

Come join me, moonbeams! SHINE BRIGHT, you are love and light. Together we can change the world. Be like Keala Settle and go for it. I will see you on the tables super charged from the Transformational Gate.



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