In my previous blog post, I shared a teaching from Marianne Williamson:

The state of your body – your inner landscape – matches the state of our outer landscape.

It makes sense to us on the spiritual level that if we find peace within, we will achieve peace without. However, on a human level, we often get caught up with the external world and all the messiness that comes with it: “How can I stop and meditate right now? Do you really think I have time to go to a 12-step meeting with everything that is going on? The gym will have to wait. Oh, I really miss my chiropractor BUT……”It is often in the times when we most need to find peace in our body-mind that we refuse to give it to ourselves. Part of that is because we don’t have a great enough understanding of what brings us to a state of peace. Peace comes from alignment- when thoughts and emotions match in frequency. The most energy rich supercalifragalisticexpeolidoious peace comes when your body, emotions, mind, AND soul are all in alignment. That is when magic happens.

Today I wanted to take a moment and point out to you why you feel better when you come to see for a network entrainment and what feeling better means. When you “feel better” you are putting out a more clear and coherent message to the universe, which translates into YOU being capable of designing the life of your dreams. If your mind is thinking, “ok Law of Attraction, I want to manifest a million dollars and the lover of my dreams”, but your emotions are saying “I am not worthy of money or love”, and your body is saying “I am tired. I don’t even have the energy for a lover or to spend a million dollars”, then you are sending out mixed messages to the universe. At that point, you are in a poor or neutral state at best and you will keep generating the same life that you currently have over and over again. You will generate the same life over and over again because you are pulling from your current reality instead of creating from your dreams.

Dr. Joe Dispenza states:

“It is your personality that creates your personal reality.”

In other words, in order to successfully dream your dreams into your personal reality and create from them, your personality needs to change. This change can be accomplished with two things- MORE access to ENERGY and COHERENCY of this ENERGY.

That, my friends, is what network does. Network works as a tool to liberate bound energy to fuel your system so you have more to work with. Network analyzes the state of your physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies and aligns them so you can “feel like yourself” and breathe again. With network in your everyday life, you can be in alignment with who you really are- a creative being. A being of love and light. A being that is interconnected to the oneness of all things. A divine being. Remember, we only feel lonely when we abandon ourselves. When we forget we are God.

Network analyzes the state of your physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies and aligns them so you can “feel like yourself” and breathe again.

We live in a very fast paced world with a ton of external environmental toxins- from chemical stress- to situational stresses, which can cause us to feel lost. However, this feeling doesn’t make us weak and it is not something to hide or pretend doesn’t exist. This feeling is just something to understand about modern living. It is imperative that we make the shift from the inside out, especially for all of us who live in NYC and want to be in high levels of service. Feeling good is the keystone to being good and doing good. So are we good?

Come home to yourself. Together we can change the world.

See you on the tables!

Dr. Suzanne



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