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About 7 years ago in the SoHo office a beautiful woman named Isabel gifted me a book by Marianne Williamson titled A Return to Love. This book changed my life and like Oprah, I too continue to gift this book to loved ones. I subscribed to Marianne’s livestreams and received both the education of a lifetime and inner peace started entering my life.

Some time later, Marianne moved to NYC and I was overjoyed to be able to see her live each week in the East Village. At one of her first events, my friend and Connected Spine community member, Dr. Anna Yusim (author of Fulfilled), stood in line to meet Marianne for the first time. In this line it came to me that Marianne had taught me how to communicate with all of you.

You and the Universe

My gifts as a hands on healer come much more naturally to me than communication ever has. Marianne taught me that the state of your body – your inner landscape – matches the state of our outer landscape. That we are all microcosms of the macrocosms of this world we live in. Who we are and how we show up – the health and vitality of our minds and bodies- shape the landscape of our society. For me, this gave me both ownership and hope.

Network aligns your subtle body energies to enable you to send a clear coherent message out into the universe, which creates your life experience. When your body, emotions, mind, and soul align, you are a powerful force of nature. This is higher consciousness. Not only are there light beings on this planet now, not only are our divine masters telling us that the time of the Guru is over, there are light beings coming into this planet being birthed in an enlightened state. Our world is changing and the change is towards mass awakening. The Great Awakening & Evolution is occurring.

Awakening the Masses

When I got to the front of the line, I was about to thank Marianne for teaching me and giving me the tools to teach you all. Instead she looked at me and she touched my hand. She paused and it felt like God was speaking through her. She said, “I need you”. I left the East Village that night with tears in my eyes knowing that a special relationship had begun and knowing I was here to help her. I became a volunteer for Marianne’s weekly talks and now I am happy to help her on her campaign toward the White House, which is really a campaign of awakening the masses.

There will be a fundraiser at Dr. Anna Yusim’s home on the Upper East Side on August 12th at 6:30pm. The minimum campaign donation is $500. We are closing the event out at 60 people, so be sure to register soon!

I hope you will join us as we spend a historical evening with Marianne. Give me a shout out if you are coming! << Register for the Fundraiser >>

Together we can change the world.

Love and light,

Dr. Suzanne



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