I recently found out that Steve Jobs took one week a month sans computers, phones, and device of any sort. He did this so that he could create the space to read and think. 

It is magnificent practice and so so so important. All the brain science coming out today is saying there is no such thing as multitasking.  There is only distraction. This is why we have ADD and ADHD. There is more data coming at us moment to moment then man has ever had to deal with over large spans of time.

I have emailed you in the past and asked you to take the 2 block challenge. Free your hands of all devices and walk two NYC blocks swinging your arms with your eyes on the horizon. The result is a release of tension in your eyes, neck, shoulders, low back and pelvis, your smile increases as you take deep fulfilling breaths and feel joy. 

Today I am asking you to take the cafe challenge. Go to a cafe without any devices. Enjoy a meal and be still. Write a to do list on a piece of paper without any “ding ding ding’s” or pop ups or flashes of any sort distracting your brain and pulling you in 44 directions. Have a thought, create an idea and NOT be able to immediately give it away by texting someone about it. Hold on to it, let it be yours, let it marinate and develop and you will marinate and develop.

“The world will not be saved by another great novel, great movie, or great business venture. It will only be saved by the appearance of great people.” — Marianne Williamson, A return to Love

We have a wonderful program here at Connected Spine and we invite all of you to participate, marinate, develop and be free to be you. Through the latest technologies in brain science and the art of energy healing Connected Spine is the container that can hold you while you connect, calm, shift to ease and expand.

Blessed Be
Dr Suzanne



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