ONE Direction – Ha this isn’t a newsletter about a boy band. It is about your life! Which direction are you moving in? In the office one of the ways that I approach your care is through the magic lens of THE FOUR SACRED SEASONS: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate.

Today I want to stimulate your mindbody with a nugget about Discover and Transform.  One hallmark of these two Seasons is the direction that they move in.  When you are in the season of discover you look to the past to reference. For example, you come to the office with an achy, tight right shoulder. After you get entrained you move your shoulder around and comment “Grrrrrreat!!! WHOO HOOO!! all last year I couldn’t move my shoulder at all and now it is moving”.  Do you see the direction?  When you are in the sacred season of discover your reference point, to see where you are today, is the past. This is a necessary place to be to gather data.  However, once you have enough reference points from past suffering, once you become conscious of these suffering patterns, they become unbearable and you are ready to TAKE ACTION! This is what level one of care is designed to do, gather all this data for you.

When you are in transform the direction is FORWARD.  Your new reference point is your compelling future.  You decide that you want to be healthy and wealthy.  You begin to take action towards these goals.  How does the version of me that is healthy and wealthy behave?  She/He begins to workout each morning and enrolls in a wealth management course.  Action steps toward her/his goals!

If you are saying you want to become healthy and wealthy, but you are also saying that you are out of shape and suck with money; Then you now know that there is a disconnect and something is misaligned.  You can now have a framework for this common situation.  You are in the season of discover! Celebrate that you are now aware of that. You have discovered something about yourself. Keep getting to know yourself, keep discovering and you will gather the fuel for Transform. That is what the entrainments in this office help you to do. Find and harness the fuel you need to create the life you deserve.
Discover is moving backwards and looking to the past. Transform is moving forward and creating a compelling future. Which direction is your life going in? I am excited to support you, love you and nourish you through all the seasons.  I will see you on the tables.

Be Well
Dr Suzanne 



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