Have you seen the movie Temple Grandin?  It is an outstanding film based on the experiences of an autistic girl who overcomes great hurdles to thrive in society.  It got me thinking about a seminar I took with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association a few years ago.  We were studying sensory integration, how we as human beings take in and process information.  The presenting doctor gave a particularly vivid and telling description of what it was like to exist on the autism spectrum (Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD…)

He painted a picture:  You are driving on a pitch black evening. It is raining, the kids are in the back yelling at each other and kicking the back of your seat, the windshield wipers are going, the radio is blasting and you are lost.  How do you deal with all this input and find your way home? 

You start by limiting the input.  You turn the radio off and ask the kids to be quiet.  For people with autism they can not turn the radio off. They deal with all this input so they retreat within themselves and limit outside communication.

The movie reminded me of this seminar, but the more I thought about it, this scenario can be likened to modern living, particularly city living.  

I was walking down the street a few weeks ago and the cross walk began signaling DO NOT cross (we all know the blinking red hand).  I stopped and my friend grabbed my hand and pulled me into the street very casually claiming we have 13 blinks of the red hand before the light actually changes.  I was taken back .

How much information is coming at us all the time in NYC?  

We are constantly integrating the location of the bikes going the wrong way on the bike lane, the cabbies all over the place, text-hazy pedestrians not walking in normal cadence — we take all of this information in and “keep on keepin’ on”. Then we wonder why we are stressed out?

Why we are so tired?  Why we can’t focus?  Why we can’t digest food? Why we can’t sleep? Why we are always worried?

How can we help our mindbody relax?

Every time you visit Connected Spine you create connections within your nervous system to help you find inner peace.  These connections help you leave the state of fight/flight and return to rest/ digest.  Help you return to function (versus DIS-function).

At Connected Spine we can help you connect to your inner peace by utilizing breathe, energy and movement. We can help you relax your systems while you are in the office and send you home with exercises that you can continue to use so that you can help yourself! 

The philosophy of chiropractic is that the body is designed with the inner capacity to heal itself. Our goal is to help you wade through all the noise and connect to your innate healing capacity.

Call or email the office to create your next series ofappointments.  Consult the calendar on the NEW website to see what time slots work best for you.

Create a beautiful day!



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