Recently, a curious patient tried to figure out what I was doing during the entrainment. I steered the conversation towards tone.  

Practice Member : How do you help my body find peace and ease?

Suzanne:  I match your tone. I find you.

This is a concept that can be utilized in many different ways.  How else can you match someone’s tone?  How can you reach people, connect with them and create change?

Here I am educating my practice members and sharing this concept, and as it turns out, they were re-focusing me.  They were asking me to bring attention, acceptance and acknowledgement to this concept of tone.

I sometimes butt heads with my father.  Some people would say it is because we are so similar.   I would say it is because he won’t listen to me :-).  I have been trying in every wrong way to get him to care about what he eats. He adamantly shoots me down and shuts down.  It is very frustrating.

After this encounter in the office, I decided to match his tone.  For years, when my father wants to share something with me, he finds articles and mails them to me.  So, I found an article on the negative effects of antacids and sent it to him.  He got it.  He read it. He decided, he is never taking antacids again.  One small step for Suzie.

The concepts of Network Spinal Analysis put into practice make life easy.  Stop pushing a stubborn donkey that is digging in his heels.  MATCH THE TONE.  Free your mind-body to access your higher strategies and find the peaceful flow of life.  



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