Are you living an energy poor life? I give you permission to FREAK OUT 

If you are in an energy poor state your systems are breaking down.  Your survivor is running the show.  The survivors job is to keep you alive!  She has no interest in bringing you joy, abundance, freedom, expansion or love.  If the survivor is in charge of your life everything is getting smaller and more painful. All your available energy is going towards keeping it together.  Unless you are in danger this strategy is not the best choice for living life.  

Your physical and emotional infrastructures are breaking down. This can show up in a variety of ways including but not limited to: disease, dysfunction, pain, fatigue, and autoimmune.   In our lives, the survivor energy may show up as depression, lack of relationships, sucky relationships, settling, shoulder pain, low back pain, minimizing, lack of interest and limited perspectives. Everything is black or white, emotions are good or bad, there is no room for growth and life is on a downward spiral.  Are there people living their lives this way in our society? Have we accepted this as just what happens as you get old?  You breakdown? Not caring is a trademark of being energy poor. You lack the free energy to even bother.  

This can change.  

The energy is there.  

The energy is just bound in your tissues and currently inaccessible. 

I say freak out.  I mean really really really freak out.  This is not ok and not acceptable. In this season of discover you are dying.  People just chose different ways of doing it and go at different paces.  Oh I’m sorry, in this energy state, you  aren’t choosing.  Life is happening to you.  

Why do I say freak out? Because freaking out requires energy.  When you are in an energy poor state it is because your energy is bound.  Energy is not created or destroyed, it just changes form. With NSA (network spinal analysis) and SRI (somato respiratory integration) we shift bound energy into free energy, changing the state of function for your being.  In a highly energized state you will automatically function from a more efficient, effective, effortless plane of existence. A plane that does not break down with disease and dysfunction, a plane that supports relationships.  

In the office, we talk about gateways being the open, juicy, available access points to your authentic connected Self.  We also talk about the fuel stuck in your systems.  I describe the fuel as disconnected pieces of you that have been separated in order for you to SURVIVE.  As we develop the gateways the fuel has a place to go. This fuel is your bound up energy. This fuel is the survivors strategy for keeping you alive.  It is an important strategy, but a low level strategy, the ameba of organizational systems.   When you are no longer being raped;  Focusing on keeping your heart pumping after a car accident; Mourning a loved ones death.  When you have to return to being whole and living life this energy state does not work.  Thank you survivor for getting me through, but I am ready to move onward and upward to a joyful, loving, healthy and happy existence.   

How do we escape this state?  For many of us the survivor has been in charge for a long long time.  

NSA is a scientifically, reproducible chiropractic technique that liberates energy and gives you life.  In the ROH (Reorganizational Healing)  world strategies have been developed by Donald Epstein to change the lives of millions.  Donny, his staff, the thousands of doctor he has trained and the community that has grown for 30 years, has taken on the charge to move the entire world to the conscious tipping point and living energy poor is not a conscious way of living. ROH births life back Into your life.  The work we are doing at Network Wellness Care has mind blowing life enhancing results. NSA and SRI are game changing tools that will bring your life from black and white to technicolor.  Welcome to Oz!.Share



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